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I've been designing products for the consumer, furniture and electronics​ industries since 1975. After working at several design consulting firms and managing a full service industrial design firm as a partner, I have now returned to what I enjoy the most, working as an independent designer and helping clients with their concept development efforts.

Using quick sketching techniques that I've mastered over the course of my career, I can quickly generate contemporary, transitional, retro and traditional designs. My sketches are then taken to the next step in the development process by in-house designers and engineers. Often, they are sent to vendors overseas, as drawn or with a few dimensions added, for appearance models and prototypes. The images on the Home page are examples of both my sketching and design skills. Once the ideas are taken to the next step by your in-house team, I am willing to review CAD data and/or prototypes, to make sure that the industrial design intent is preserved, if required.


Typical sketch programs require a couple of weeks to generate a range of designs. Design fees are very reasonable and quoted up front. I will only accept work if I feel I can make a meaningful contribution to your program.  

If your company is looking for a range of ideas to get your next  product development program off to a creative start, supplement your in-house efforts, or just have someone take a fresh look at your project, I may be able to help you. Please contact me for a no-cost consultation. Thanks!

If you happen to be interested in art or my social media pages, click on the links below:


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